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Product selection guide for surge protectors

How to choose in 4 easy steps the proper Surge Protective Devices (SPD) to protect your installation according to IEC/EN 61643-11 standard.


1) Note the characteristics of the power supply in order to find out the maximum working DC and AC voltage for each line. Select the SPDs providing: Uc > maximum working voltage of the line.
2) Select the SPD type and its maximum current depending on the effects it should withstand:

Current that can reach the SPD

Type of SPD

Direct lightning current:

Type 1

Lightning secondary effects:


Attenuated surges:



3) Select the SPD residual voltage according to the equipment to be protected. For example, for power supply lines it is recommended:

Equipment to be protected

Residual voltage (1.2/50μs)

Very robust equipment (large motors, air conditioning, …):

< 4kV

Non-sensitive or internally protected equipment:

< 1,5kV

Very sensitive or non-protected against electromagnetic disturbances equipment:

< 1kV


4) Select the model of SPD according to the aforementioned parameters and to the type of installation, as follows:


How many Apliweld®-T tablets are necessary for exothermic welded joints?

Use the search-engine on our web to find the suitable mould for the connection you need to perform.
How many Apliweld®-T tablets are necessary for exothermic welded joints?
APLIWELD®-T, universal exothermic welding compound in tablets, is valid for any type of connection using one or more units.
With Apliweld®-T it is not necessary to buy different packages of welding compound: just use the required number of tablets for each mould. Click here to go to the mould search-engine.
Nevertheless, the following table can be used as a guide:

References of Apliweld® welding compound powder


Nr. of Apliweld®-T tablets


32 gr.



45 gr.



65 gr.



90 gr.



115 gr.



150 gr.



200 gr.



250 gr.



  1. It is highly recommended to use our search-engine to find the proper mould according to the connection to be performed. Each mould indicates the exact number of tablets needed.
  2. These equivalences are effective for changing Apliweld® welding compound powder into Apliweld®-T tablets.
  3. Apliweld ®-T tablets can be used with other brands of moulds, but these equivalences are approximate and Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A  cannot be responsible for the design of such moulds.

{关键字}One of the biggest plants of sugar and bioethanol production in Colombia has installed DAT CONTROLER® PLUS lightning rods

This important factory is protected thanks to five Aplicaciones Tecnológicas’ ESE air terminals.
The production plants of sugar and bioethanol are highly flammable facilities since they concentrate tons of chemicals products that increase the risk of human and material losses in case of lightning strike.
Manuelita S.A  Group, being aware of the importance of having an effective lightning protection system, has installed five DAT CONTROLER® PLUS lightning rods of Aplicaciones Tecnológicas. All the safety requirements provided by the current standards about lightning protection and safety codes have been taken into account.
Check out our Early Streamer Emission Air Terminals to get detailed information.


Aplicaciones Tecnológicas trains the students of the Master Business and Building Engineering in lightning protection

We collaborate with IDESIE in its program of design and management of installations in a building.
In line with our training program, we work with IDESIE in the Master Business and Building Engineering teaching the module of lightning protection.
The master's degree, which focuses its objectives on the knowledge of the installations in buildings, includes in its program how to design lightning and surge protection systems. Our collaboration with this master provides students with all the issues that must be taken into account in this field:

  • National and international standards
  • External protection: Early Streamer Emission air terminals and its installation
  • Internal Protection: surge protection and its application according the different types of facilities
  • Exothermic welding
  • Preventive protection
  • Project design: risk assessment and project design using CD-Risk software
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