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Since its creation in 1986, our company has been doing big efforts in the investigation of the lightning phenomena and in the development of protection systems, additional components and efficient tools to avoid the harming effects caused by atmospheric discharges.
Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A.has been certified with a quality recognition certificate in design, production, installation and maintenance of lightning conductors and surge protection systems following the ISO9000 rules.

Within the lightning protection division, we offer a wide range of products and services to meet all needs:

  • Early streaming emission lightning protection: ESE Dat Controler Plus, ESE Trazor Terminal
  • Earth terminations : Dynamic electrodes, Conducrtiver Plus, Spark Gap
  • Exothemic welding : Apliweld
  • Surge Protection for Power Supply Lines,
  • Surge Protection for Tel Lines, Data Lines and Signal Lines
  • Preventive Protection Storm Detector

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Parque Technologico de Valencia, C/. Nicolas Copernico, 446980 Paterna,
Tel: (+34) 961318250 ; Fax: (+34) 961318206 

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