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{关键字}ATCONTROL/R P(T)-M: our protector against temporary overvoltages, now also self-reclosing type

The protection sends a signal for disconnecting the installation when a temporary overvoltage appears on the line and also for automatically restoring the service when voltage levels are not harmful to the equipment.
Temporary overvoltages, which may last several seconds, are due to unpredictable causes such as failures of the neutral connection or sudden consumption drops.
Because of such long duration, protectors have to disconnect the installation, directly or through other devices, for protecting the equipment. When the overvoltage disappears, then the device must be reclosed for restoring the power supply.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. launches now a temporary overvoltage protector that is able to reclose a contactor automatically, thus achieving the recover of the installation's normal working with no need of a person activating it manually. This makes it especially suitable for second homes and for equipment placed in remote or rarely visited places but requiring a continuous operation.
+Info about ATCONTROL/R P(T)-M

+ Info about ATCONTROL/R P(T)-M

{关键字}Manual for APLIWELD Secure + exothermic welding

APLIWELD Secure + manual is now available with all its possibilities and variants. A practical and complete guide for making the safest exothermic welding.
The exothermic or aluminothermic welding gives as a result the molecular union of the materials, thus achieving permanent connections that do not corrode, oxidise or degrade with time and with an electrical conductivity that is superior to the conductors themselves.            
Aplicaciones Tecnológicas has recently launched a new technique for working with this type of welding. APLIWELD Secure + is safer and easier: the product is presented with the format of a compact tablet (Apliweld-T), having even the possibility of starting the reaction electronically (Apliweld-E).
This manual explains, practical and easily, all the possibilities and variants of Apliweld Secure +. Elements, processes and verifications are illustrated with real images. The guide ranges from the preparation of materials to the examination of the welds:
  • General preventive measures in exothermic welding procedures 
  • Apliweld exothermic welding procedure
  • Remarks about moulds and tablets
  • Welding check-up: acceptable or unacceptable results
  • FAQs

+Info about APLIWELD Secure +.

{关键字}Protection against overvoltages for equipment in business premises and domestic use

Electric and electronic equipment may suffer important damages even due to secondary effects of lightning.

Business premises and houses contain now numerous electric and electronic equipment with more complex and important functions. Big electrical appliances such as washing machines or fridges are robust and can withstand transient overvoltages with no apparent harm at short term. Still their components may suffer degradation or detriment. This damage is more evident in electronic equipment such as computers, surveillance cameras or TV sets which peripherals are becoming more costly and sophisticated. Besides, these accessories are often interconnected thus increasing the probabilities of being affected by overvoltages. Data lines and their connected equipment are designed for very low voltages and therefore surges caused by lighting can produce them serious damages.

Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. has designed the basic set for an efficient surge protection of most usual domestic electric and electronic equipment, easy to install and with an optimized cost.  A barrier for lightning current at each of the lines connecting the external environment with your house or premise and your equipment.

+Info about domestic protection.

{关键字}Gas Stations of Costa Rica protected with Dat Controler® Plus air terminals

Twenty gas stations have been protected against lightning with Dat Controler® Plus air terminals in one of the countries with higher flash density.

According to the data of the Costa Rica Electricity Institute (Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE)) and the Meteorological National Institute (Instituto Meteorológico Nacional (IMN)), Costa Rica has an average of 1.100 flashes per day, a very high flash density  that causes damages to buildings, equipment and even the death of people.
Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. provides all technologies for preventing damages caused by lightning: external protection for avoiding physical damages to buildings; internal protection for safeguarding electric and electronic equipment, and preventive protection for stopping hazardous activities during  thunderstorms.
In Costa Rica, 20 gas stations have recently been protected with Dat Controler® Plus air terminals. These are the latest in a long lists of protected structures in this country, as telecommunication towers, hospitals and even a NASA building where besides, due to the soil conditions, the earthing system was made with our graphite electrodes to achieve a low earth resistance and to avoid corrosion problems.

+Info about Graphite Electrodes
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