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Model: AT-010L

Origin: AT3W / Spain

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CONDUCTIVER PLUS is a non-corrosive and ecological earthing conductivity improver gel. The product is composed by a basic electrolyte, which contributes to the conductive capacity of the compound, upgraded by other ingredients that help the conductivity in an almost immediate way and complement the action of the basic electrolyte.

5 litres container (used as a measure container)

  • GEL 1 packet
  • GEL 2 packet
  • Material: polypropylene
  • Dimensions: φinf195 × φsup235 × Height 198mm
  • Capacity: 5 litres

Soil conductivity is almost entirely electrolytic, due to the solved salt, adhered to the sand and clay grains, that it contains. Therefore, it is possible to increase soil conductivity, improving its capacity of absorption, water retention and increasing the amount of solved salts. It is very simple to achieve this effect in an elemental way, just adding any electrolyte such as common salt (NaCl) or calcium carbonate (Na2CO3), but these salts are highly soluble and slightly adherent, thus being easily poored by filtered waters. Therefore their action is short and not practical. Another inconvenient is that common salt is very corrosive for earth electrodes. Average pluviometry in Spain is considered to be around 700L/m2·año. The need of product has to be studied taking into account the specific amount of rain per year in the selected area. A 60% of the rain is estimated to evaporate so, for the case of Spain, an average of 280L/m²·año is estimated to leak into the soil.

CONDUCTIVER PLUS components have been selected by their solubility, since the aim is obtaining a slightly soluble product by the reaction of soluble products, thus obtaining a lasting product deposit around the electrode.

The reactives employed are products which reaction produces highly conductive compounds, lowering then ground resistance, especially in poorly salty soils. The components have been selected also by ecological parameters, choosing always those non-contamining and non-corrosive, taking also into account solubility constants both in reactive and resultant products, combining very soluble reactives that provide an immediate conductivity rise and insoluble resultant products that assure a ionic reserve, able to maintain this conductivity increase.

CONDUCTIVER PLUS gel characterizes by the following:

  • It is able to create partially ionized electrolytes, with big charge and a high capability for water retention and gel formation.
  • It remains for a long time in the ground, due to links formed with soil particles.
  • It increases soil conductivity (approx. 200% for 700L/m² pluviosity for over one year)
  • It is not corrosive for earth electrodes.
  • It is completelly ecological.

CONDUCTIVER PLUS Gel is composed of a base-electrolyte, providing conductive capability, and other componentes that help conduction and complement the base-electrolyte action. The basis of base-electrolyte conductivity improving action is the formation of a slighly soluble (max. 0.2% solubility) but highly hygroscopic product. Therefore, the product is able to increase the soil capability of humidity retention, multipliying by 3 to 20 times the soil conductivity.

CONDUCTIVER PLUS forms a high conductivity gel where the electrode gets in contact with the soil and around this contact. If the products are applied in the right order, this ions spread very quickly through the formed gel. This allows later additions of gel after a period, in case a even lower electrode resistance is required.

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