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Model: AT-8161

Origin: AT3W / Spain

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ATCOMPACT M1 ATCOMPACT M1 30kA protection boxes  are made of several kind of SPD aiming the protection of all lines out from single phase SPD, including the protective fuses against short circuits.

ATCOMPACT Surge Protective Devices are to be installed in parallel with the supply line, without altering at all its way of working under normal conditions. Combinations can be made for protection either in common mode (ground referred) or differential (between line/s and neutral).

Compact box easy to install and with the same advantages as Aplicaciones Tecnologicas SPDs give: robust, quick, reliable and tested according current standards (EN 61643-11) in Official independent laboratories.


{关键字}ATCOMPACT boxes are to be installed in parallel with the Low Voltage supply line, connected to line, neutral and ground. Fuses or circuit breakers must be present upstream. They will be disconnected during the installation for working security. When this ATCOMPACT is installed as middle protection, other protectors must be separated by at least 10 meter cable or, it this is not possible. by decoupling inductors ATLINK, in order to achieve a correct coordination between them.

General nomenclature ATCOMPACT M1 30kA
- M1 : One-phase protection type 1
- 30kA: Max. discharge current for single phase


Earthing connection  

Earthing in all the installation must be bonded either directly or by a spark gap and resistance should be lower than 10 Ω. If the indications of this datasheet are not fulfilled during the use or installation of the SPDs, the protection assured by this device could be endangered

ATCOMPACT M1 30kA Technical Datasheet

 Model ATCOMPACT M1 30kA
 Reference AT-8161
 Protection categories according to REBT  I, II, III, IV
 Type of tests according to EN 61643-11: Type 2
 Nominal voltage (Un)  230Vac
 ĐMaximum working voltage ( Uc)  255Vac
 Nominal frequency  50-60Hz
 Nominal discharge current (wave 8/20μs) (In) 40kA
 Maximum discharge current (8/20μs wave) (Imax)  65kA
 Protection level (1,2/50μs wave) ( Up)  1500V
 Response time (tr)  <100ns
 Included fuse:  80A gG
 Maximum short-circuit current:  100kA
 Working temperature:  -400C đến +700C
 SPD location:  Outdoor
 Type of connection: Parallel (one port)
 Number of poles:  2
 Dimensions:  200 x 159 x 112mm
 Fixing: Wall or vertical support
 Enclosure material: Autoextinguishing, isolating
 Enclosure protection:  IP65 according to IEC 60.529
 Enclosure: Double (Class II)
 Fire resistance: 650ºC according to IEC 695-2-1
 Impact protection:  IK09 according to EN 50.102
 Connections L/N/GND: Maximum section 25mm2
 Certificated tests according to: IEC 61643-1, EN 61643-11
 Complies with requirements of: UL 1449
 Relevant standards: UNE 21186, NFC 17102, IEC 62305
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