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Model: AT-9402

Origin: AT3W / Spain

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ATFILTER 16 AC Single phase Surge Protector

ATFILTER 16 device has been conceived with the purpose of providing a highly efficient protection to electronic equipments against overvoltages and high frequency disturbances. 

This is achieved by mean of placing gas discharge tubes and supressor diodes beside a high quality low-pass frequency filter, what implies a full protection
against pulses of high amplitude and/or frequency.

Every electric disturbance above 100Hz will be attenuated. Tight protection according to scaled protection recommended in Low Voltage Regulation (RBT2002 ITC23). Class II and III according IEC61643-1, EN61643-11 standards. Suitable for Categorie I, II, III and IV equipment according to RBT2002.

There are several models depending on the nominal current of the line to be protected (IN ). The proper working of the ATFILTER equipments has been certified by official independent laboratories , verifying the proper coordination between SPDs.


ATFILTER 16 devices are to be installed in series with the power supply line, that is, cutting the line and connecting the obtained cable ends to the input and output connectors. Please pay attention to these connections since if terminals are wrongly wired, a short circuit may happen.On the other hand, it’s of capital importance a right wiring of input/output terminals. If not, protector components won’t act properly. Linking the earth terminal to ground is a must. The power should be disconnected during the installation of the SPD. The protector is ready to be fitted on the DIN rail of the distribution board, the closest to the equipment to be protected against overvoltages and screened against electromagnetic noise.


Earth connection is a must. Earthing in all the installation must be bonded either directly or by a spark gap and resistance should be lower than 10 Ω. If the indications of this datasheet are not fulfilled during the use or installation of the SPDs, the protection assured by this device could be endangered.

Characteristics ATFILTER 16 :

Reference  ATFILTER 16
 Protection categories according to RBT2002:    I, II, III and IV
 Type of tests according to IEC61643-1, EN61643-11:    Class II and III
 Nominal current: IN  ≤ 16A
 Nominal voltage: Un    230VAC
 Maximum continuous operating voltage: Uc    255VAC
 Nominal frequency:    50/60Hz
 Nominal discharge current (8/20μs wave): In    5kA
 Maximum discharge current (8/20μs wave): Imax    10kA
 Combined wave tension: Uo.c 6kA
 Inductance:  L  < 2mH
 Attenuation between 0,15 and 30MHz:  Min. 80dB at 4MHz
/ Min. 40dB within the range from 0,15 at 30MHz
 Protection level at In, 8/20μs wave: Up(In)  800V
 Residual voltage with combination wave 6kV/3kA  600V
 Response time: tr  < 25ns
 SPD location:  Indoor
 Type of connection:  Serial (two ports)
 Number of poles: 2
 Dimensions: 144 x 90 x 80mm (8 mod. DIN43880)
 Fixing:  DIN rail
 Enclosure material: Polyamide
 Enclosure protection  IP20
 Insulation resistance:  > 1014Ω
 Autoextinguish enclosure:   V-0 Type according to UNE-EN 60707 (UL94)
 Conections L/N/G:  Max/Min section multi-stranded: 16 / 45mm2(5/1 AWG)
Max/Min section single-stranded: 4 / 45mm2(11/1 AWG)
 Certificated tests according to: IEC 61643-1, EN 61643-11
 Complies with requirements of: UL 1449
 Relevant standards: UNE 21186, NFC 17102, IEC 62305
Protection for areas with low overvoltages
Surge Protection for BTS


Surge Protection - Industrial sites


SPD Installation and Rules


Choosing Surge Protectors


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