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Model: AT-8260

Origin: AT3W / Spain

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AT-8260 ATSUB 65: max discharge current of 65kA. 230V
AT-8201 ATSUB N: for neutral-ground protection
AT-8270 ATSUB 65-120: max discharge current of 65kA. 120V
AT-8264 ATSUB 65-400: max discharge current of 65kA. 400V

- 65 : Max discharge current in kA

Tested and certified as Type 1, 2 and 3 according to regulations EN 61643-11 and GUIDE-BT-23 from REBT. Suitable for Categories I, II, III and IV equipment according to ITC-BT-23 from REBT.

  • Coordinable with other SPDs such as ATSHOCK, ATSHIELD and ATCOVER series.
  • Made up of zinc oxide varistors and gas discharge tubes able to withstand very high currents.
  • It is possible to fix the modules through riverts in order to obtain blocks of 2, 3 or 4 elements.
  • Short response time.
  • Don’t produce deflagration.
  • Single-pole protection.
  • Their activation causes no interruption in power supply.
  • Small size modular protection.
  • Thermodynamic control device, mechanical warning and remote alarm.

When the warning is yellow the enclosure is in good shape. If not, replace.
AT82 Series SPDs have been tested in official and independent laboratories , obtaining their characteristics according to relevant standards (shown in the table).

There exists the possibility of selecting a protector for the working voltage in each particular case. In the technical datasheet, we have included as common examples the optimal SPDs for wind generators (voltage of 400V) and equipments using voltages common in the American continent (Voltage 120V)

 Installation ATSUB 

{关键字}They are installed in parallel with the low voltage line, with connections to the phase that is to be protected and to ground. As an example we show the 3 ATSUB-R connections in a three-phase power supply line TNC.

The power should be disconnected during the installation of the SPD.

When ATSUB are installed as middle protection, they must be separated by at least 10 meter cable or, if this is not possible, by a decoupling inductor ATLINK, in order to achieve a correct coordination between them.

Their installation is recommended in places where important overvoltages can occur and when lines are connected to very sensitive equipment that can not withstand big overvoltages

 Technical Datasheet ATSUB-65

 Protection categories according to REBT:  II, III, IV
 Type of tests according to EN 61643-11: Type 1+2
 Nominal voltage: Un 230Vac
 Maximum working voltage: Uc    255Vac
 Nominal frequency:     50-60Hz
 Nominal discharge current (wave 8/20μs):  In  30kA
 Maximum discharge current (8/20μs wave):  Imax  65kA
 Protection level at In(8/20μs wave): Up(In)  1600V
 Protection level (1,2/50μs): Up  900V
 Protection level for 5kA 8/20μs:  1100V
 Impulse current (10/350μs wave): Iimp  15kA
 Combined wave tension:  Uoc  -
 Response time: tr     <25ns
 Backup fuse(1):     125A gL/gG
 Maximum short-circuit current:     25kA (for maximum fuse)
 Working temperature: -40oC to +70oC
 SPD location:     Indoor
 Type of connection:     Parallel (one port)
 Dimensions:     18 x 90 x 80 (1 mod. DIN43880)
 Fixing:     DIN rail
 Enclosure material:     Polyamide
 Enclosure protection:     IP20
 Insulation resistance:     100.000.000 MΩ
 Autoextinguish enclosure:    V-0 Type according to UNE-EN 60707 (UL94)
 Connections L/N/GND:
 Min/Max section multi-stranded: 4 / 35 mm² (11/2 AWG)
Min/Max section single-stranded: 1 / 35 mm² (17/2 AWG)
 Certificated tests according to: IEC 61643-1, EN 61643-11
 Complies with requirements of: UL 1449
 Relevant standards: UNE 21186, NFC 17102, IEC 62305    
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