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Model: AT-8512

Origin: AT3W / Spain

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AT-8512: ATVOLT 12: 12VDC lines
ATVOLT DC Surge Protector series have got plenty of uses for this kind of equipment thanks to the flexibility of their design and connectors. Each SPD protects a pair of wires. Several protection stages are internally coordinated. ATVOLT Series contains a wide range of voltages. They are mainly used for DC supply lines of tens of volts.
They are installed in series with the line and they are able to withstand continuously currents ranging up to several amperes without significant line losses or consumption.

ALVOLT SPDs withstand lightning secondary effects and power switching surges. They react to voltage impulses in a few nanoseconds, thus achieving a very low residual voltage, protecting even highly sensitive equipment.
Tested and certified as Type 3 according to regulations EN 61643-11 and GUIDE-BT-23 from REBT. Suitable for Categories I, II, III and IV equipment according to ITC-BT-23 from REBT.
  • Recommended protection in both common and differential mode.
  • Pluggable modules for its easier substitution in case of failure without the need of disconnecting the wiring. When substituting the module the line suffers no interruptions.
  • It has a radiofrequency receptor in order to do the maintenance only with issuer equipment. When the RF SPD Tester is applied and the protector is working, the LED flickers green. If the cartridge is damage the LED does not flick.
  • Earthing implemented through a metallic sheet opposite to the fixing DIN rail.
  • Wide variety of SPDs for different working voltages.
  • It remains inactive in normal conditions, without affecting the normal working of the line and without leakage.
  • Low residual voltage for all working voltages.
  • Very fast response.
  • Mechanic connection for conductors through screws, which allows absorbing a highest amount of overvoltage ATVOLT SPDs have been tested in offi cial, independent laboratories, obtaining their characteristics according to relevant standards (related in the table)


ATVOLT Surge Protective Devices are to be installed in series with the DC supply line, cutting the cables and connecting the positive and negative terminals to the corresponding connectors. It is ery important to pay especial attention to these connections since a wrong connection can cause short- circuits at the equipment supply.
On another side, it is essential to connect orrectly the input and output terminals. Otherwise the SPD components will not work properly.
The lower terminal must be connected to the Earth Termination System, where the surge associated current must be derived. ATVOLT SPDs should be installed preferably as close to the equipment as possible.
The power should be disconnected during the installation of the SPD


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 Model / Reference ATVOLT 12

 Protection categories according to REBT: I, II, III, IV
 Type of tests according to EN 61643-11: Loại 3
 Nominal voltage:  Un  12VDC
 Maximum working voltage:  Uc  15VDC
 Maximum working current: I¬L 3A
 Nominal discharge current (wave 8/20μs): In 5kA
 Combined wave tension:  Uoc 10kV
 Protection level (1,2/50μs wave): Up  18V
 Protection level at In(8/20μs wave): Up(In)  25V
 Response time: tr <10ns
 Working temperature      -40oC to +70oC
 SPD location      Indoor
 Type of connection      Series (two ports)
 Number of poles      2
 Dimensions      13,5 x 90 x 80mm (0,75 mod. DIN43888)
 Fixing      DIN rail
 Enclosure material      Polyamide
 Insulation resistance      >1014Ω
 Autoextinguish enclosure:      Loại V-O theo UNE-EN60707 (UL94)
 Connections:      Maximum Section: 4mm² 
 Certificated tests according to: IEC 61643-1, EN 61643-11
 Complies with requirements of: UL 1449
 Relevant standards: UNE 21186, NFC 17102, IEC 62305     
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