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SCOPIX BUS for testing the physical integrity of field buses

Multiple configurations already integrated in the oscilloscope!
4 channels, 200 MHz, IP51: the new analyser-recorder-oscilloscopes in the SCOPIX III range check the signal transmission quality of 14 field bus protocols. 3 steps are all it takes for the OX7204-BUS or the OX7202-BUS to perform the test. The results are displayed as coloured pictograms for quick visual checking and as percentages for more detailed analysis

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New Voltage Absence Testers compliant with edition 2 of the IEC 61243-3 standard

{关键字}The C.A 740N and C.A 760N low-voltage two-pole Voltage Absence Testers, with their 600 V CAT IV safety and IP65 protection, are essential tools for any electrician.
They can be used to check on the absence of any voltage in compliance with the standards to keep people and property safe on electrical installations. To meet the standards and legal requirements applicable in some countries, they can also be supplied equipped with IP2X accessories

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CPS Touch®: discover THE new-generation HMI for touch screens!

{关键字}Designed to simplify and improve the work of operators supervising industrial processes, the new range of CPS Touch® human-machine interfaces developed by Pyrocontrole will change the way you view your process. Comprising 5 models with 4.3 to 15-inch touch screens and equipped with the most advanced functions, this series is easy to integrate and can be used to handle all your supervision needs.
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RENOV ENERGY, the metering solution for renovating installations

{关键字}RENOV ENERGY is a compact, easy-to-implement solution involving Enerium® power monitors or Ulys® meters and TC CLIP current transformers from Enerdis®.
This solution is ideal for renovating, modernizing and adding metering points to existing installations where the available space is often restricted.
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Website dedicated to Enerdis meters

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{关键字}Maximum information in just a few clicks.
That's what you get with the new Enerdis metering website dedicated to energy meters. 
On the same page, you can find all the technical and commercial information concerning the products in the range.
A clear, concise presentation giving you the crucial details straight away.
Designed to make choosing simpler!

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