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CITEL’s line of AC power surge protectors is designed to cover all possible configurations in low voltage installations.

They are available in many versions, which differ in :

  • Type or test class (1 , 2 or 3)
  • Operating voltage (Uc)
  • AC network configuration (Single/3-Phase)
  • Discharge currents (Iimp, Imax, In)
  • Protection level (Up)
  • Protection technology (varistors, VG tecnology, filter)
  • Features (differential mode, plug-in, remote signaling, compact..).

The surge protection selection must be done following the local electrical code requirements (e.g. : minimum rating for In) and specific conditions (e.g. : high lightning density).

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The type of surge protector is based on its location and the constraints of the installation to be protected.

 Configuration SPD Location Model
 Installation equipped with LPS or could behit by lightning

Type 1+2

Type 1+2+3

Origin of the installation origin (Panel or main switchboard) DS130R, DS130VG, DS250VG, DUT250VG, DS250E, DS500E
 Installation without LPS

Type 2

Type 2+3

main switchboard DS70R, DS40, DS240, DS440
 Secondary protection (downstream primary SPD) Type 2 (or Type 3) close to protected equipment DS10, DS215, DS415, DS98


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Các game casino-Casino có bịp không