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Protection of radiocommunication equipment. Radiocommunication systems, connected to antennae, are especially exposed to lightning phenomena, the maximum risk being a direct strike on the antenna pole. Equipment, as GSM/UMTS or TETRA base stations, must consider this risk in order to insure a relevant service continuity . . .

P8AX Series RF Coaxial Protectors

Model: P8AX Series - Origin: CITEL / France
The P8AX series is based on gas discharge tube (GDT) and designed for RF line surge protection. Available for different power and with coaxial connectors (N, BNC, TNC, UHF, SMA, 7/16, 7/8 cable), P8AX units could be provide in feedthrough mounting version and with vari- ous impedance (50 or 75 ohms).          . Detail

CXP Series Coaxial Surge Protectors

Model: CXP Series - Origin: CITEL / France
CITEL part number CXP Coaxial surge protector, Frequency Range DC - 1000 MHz, Technology Gas discharge tube, Insertion Loss ≤0.5 dB, Return Loss ≥18 dB, VSWR <1.3:1, Max. Discharge current (8/20 μs) 20 kA, Max Power 25 and 190W, Max Current 0.5A, Impedance 50 ohms, Connectors N. Detail

CNP Series-surge protectors for video transmission networks

Model: CNP Series - Origin: CITEL / France
CNP230TV-F/FF: Thiết bị chống sét đầu thu tín hiệu Video Tivi truyền hình cáp hoặc vệ tinh. Tần số DC-1 GHz, công suất 190W, trở kháng 50/75 Ohm. Cắt sét lan truyền 20kA (8/20µs) và 2,5kA(10/350µs), Up=600V, suy hao tín hiệu dưới 0,6dB, kiểu đấu nối F (đực-cái).. Detail

PRC series «Quarter-Wave» Coaxial Protectors

Model: PRC Series - Origin: CITEL / France
The other way to protect antenna lines is relevant replacement of the gas tube by a proper short-circuit chosen according to the operating frequency band. This short-circuit is tuned to one quarter of the wavelength, giving its name to «quarter-wave protection». This tuned short-circuit between the conducting core and the external ground acts as a band-pass filter. . Detail

ATFREQ SPD for Coxial Cables

Model: ATFREQ - Origin: AT3W / Spain
ATFREQ Surge Protective Devices protect the signal cable deriving the induced and conducted surges to the ground, thus avoiding damages to the communication and TV equipment and to the connected devices (DVD, video, decoders, home cinema sets, etc.). ATFREQ protector are designed to be placed in series with the aerial signal cable. It is convenient to install it as close as possible to the equipment to be protected.. Detail

CCP Series_Coaxial Surge Protector

Model: CCP Series - Origin: CITEL / France
CCP series of surge protectors provide reliable protection for a broad range of current and legacy protocols, A wide variety of communication interfaces are supported that include CCTV, Ethernet, and Residential Cable applications. All these features and more make Cylix CCP series of surge protectors the most cost effective and versatile devices of their kind available today. Detail

ATFREQ-7/16 Surge Protective Devices for Coxial Cables

Model: AT-2110 - Origin: AT3W / Spain
ATFREQ-7/16 - SURGE PROTECTIVE DEVICES FOR COAXIAL CABLES protect the signal cable deriving the included and conducted surges to the ground.  Maximum discharge current 10kA(8/20µs), frequency range 0.9-2.6GHz, Atenuation <0.5dB, Impedance 50 ohm, Max. working voltage Uc=350Vdc, tr. Detail
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