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Alltec Corporation is a global leader in the design, manufacture, and installation of lightning protection, grounding system and trasient voltage surge suppession technology (TVSS).

AT3W - maufactures the safest and most advanced lightning protection systems. Since its creation in 1986, our company has been doing big efforts in the investigation of the lightning phenomena and in the development of protection systems

Founded in 1936, CITEL is an industrial group that engineers, manufactures and sells protection solutions for electrical, networks, telephone (digital & analog) and mobile equipment against electrical transients.
Chauvin Arnoux Group, the European industrial company specialized in measurement, now proposes a comprehensive product offering for measurement, drawing on its three main areas of expertise: handheld instruments, temperature applications and electricity ...

The Cylix Corporation is the industry's leading innovator, designer, and manufacturer of data/telecommunication line surge protection devices.

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