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Model: DS-HF

Origin: CITEL / France

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The DS-HF  is a secondary Type 2 surge protector and RFI filter especially designed to protect sensitive equipment connected to singlephase networks.

The «surge protection» function is completed by RFI filtering : this combination of functions results in enhanced efficiency against transient overvoltages (improved protection level) and RF interferences.

The DS-HF can be classified as secondary Type 2 or Type 3 SPD following IEC 61643-1. It is connected in series on AC network (maximum line current 16 A) downstream of a primary Type 2 SPD (e.g. DS40), installed in the main electrical switchboard, to protect a remote or sensitive equipment.

  • Surge protector with RFI filtering

  • Discharge currents : In : 3kA / Imax : 10 kA

  • Common and differential mode protection

  • Low protection level

  • Operating/disconnection indicators

  • IEC 61643-1 and EN 61643-11 compliance

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 CITEL part number  DS-HF
 Single-phase network  230 V
 AC system  TN - TT - IT
 Max. operating voltage Uc  255 Vac
 Temporary overvoltage withstand UT  400 Vac
 Operating current lc
 leakage current at Uc
 < 1 mA
 Max. line current IL  16 A
 Nominal discharge current ln
15 x 8/20μs impulses
 3 kA
 Maximum discharge current lmax
 Max. withstand 8/20μs
 10 kA
 Protection level (CM/DM) Up  1 kV/ 0.8 kV
 Combination waveform test Uoc
 Class III test
 6 kV
 RFI filtering  0.1 - 30 MHz
 Admissible short-circuit current  10000 A
 Associated disconnection devices  
 Thermal disconnector   internal
 Fuses   Fuses type gG - 20 A max.(see Note 1)
 Installation ground fault breaker   Type «S» or delayed
 Mechanical characteristics  
 Dimensions  see diagram
 Connection  by screw terminals : 0,75 - 4 mm²
 Voltage/operating indicator  Green led(s) on
 Disconnection indicator  Green led off
 Remote signaling of disconnection  none
 Mounting  symmetrical rail 35 mm
 Operating temperature  -40/+85 °C
 Protection class  IP20
 Housing material   Thermoplastic UL94-V0
 Standards compliance 
 NF EN 61643-11 France  Parafoudre Basse Tension - Essais Classe II et III
 IEC 61643-1 International  Low Voltage SPD - Test Class II et III
 EN 61643-11 Europe  Low Voltage SPD - Test Class II and II
Protection for areas with low overvoltages
Surge Protection for BTS


Surge Protection - Industrial sites


SPD Installation and Rules


Choosing Surge Protectors


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