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Model: DS154E

Origin: CITEL / France

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The DS150E is a Heavy Duty Type 1 AC Surge Protector Device (SPD) designed to be connected at the entrance of the electrical installation. This SPD provides an efficient protection against direct and indirect effects and is particularly useful in a high lightning density area where the risk of heavy surge current or even direct strike is high (e.g. : buildings equipped with lightning rods).
The DS150E is a one-pole SPD and can be used in common mode (DS150Es connected between L/PE and N/PE) or common and differential mode (DS150Es connected between L/N and 1 x DS100EG between N/PE).
This SPD is designed to withstand a 15 kA lightning current (10/350 μs impulse). It is based on «multi-MOV» diagram : this technology allows a very discharge capability and the best behaviour possible on AC network (no follow current).
To meet standards, the DS150E includes a thermal disconnection mechanism, fault indicator and an internal microswitch for remote signaling.
The SPD is DIN rail compatible and is featured with a double terminal for line wire to allow improved connection to the AC network.
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Technical Datasheet DS154E-300, DS154E-300/G and DS154E-400

Model DS154E-300 DS154E-300/G DS154E-400
SPD type following IEC test 1 1 1
Network 230/400 Vac 230/400 Vac 230/4000 Vac
Connection mode L-G, N-G L-N, N-G L-G, N-G
AC system TT-TN TT-TN IT
Max. operating voltage  (Uc) 300 Vac 300 Vac 440 Vac
TOV withstand  (UT) 300 Vac 300 Vac 400 Vac
Operating current (Ic)
Continious current at Uc
< 2mA < 2mA < 2mA
Follow current (If) None None None
Nominal discharge current (In)
15 x 8/20 μs impulses
70 kA 70 kA 60 kA
Max. discharge current (Imax)
max. withstand @ 8/20 μs by pole
140 kA 140 kA 140 kA
Impulse current by pole (limp)
max. withstand 10/350µs by pole
15 kA 15 kA 15 kA
Total lightning current (Itotal)
max. total withstand @ 10/350μs
60 kA 50 kA 60 kA
Residual voltage (at Iimp) Ures 0.9 kV 0.9 kV 1.5 kV
Admissible short-circuit current (lsccr) 25000 A 25000 A 25000 A
Associated disconnection devices
Thermal disconnector  internal
Fuses  Fuses type gG - 125 A max. (see Note 1)
Installation ground fault breaker  Type «S» or delayed
Mechanical characteristics
Dimensions See diagram
Connection to Network  By screw terminals: 6-35mm²/ by bus
Disconnection indicator 3 mechanical indicator
Remote signaling of disconnection  output on changeover contact
Mounting  Symmetrical rail 35 mm (EN60715)
Housing material  Thermoplastic UL94-V0
Operating temperature -40 / +85 °C
Protection rating IP20
Housing material  Thermoplastic PEI UL94-5VA
NF EN 61643-11  France   Parafoudre Basse Tension - Essais Classe I et II
IEC 61643-1       International  Low Voltage SPD - Test Class I and II
EN 61643-11       Europe  Low Voltage SPD - Test Class I and II
UL1449 ed.2       USA  Low Voltage TVSS 
Type 1 AC Surge Protectors
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Surge Protection - Industrial sites


SPD Installation and Rules


Choosing Surge Protectors


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