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Model: DSH

Origin: CITEL / France

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These coordination inductors are specially designed to control the implementation of the primary and secondary levels of DS surge protectors.

They are necessary where the coordination cannot be accomplished using the «natural» inductance of the active conductors (in particular in a small volume, where the length of line wire between primary SPD and secondary SPD is lower than 10 m).

DSH inductors are DIN rail compatible and are connected in series on the line to be protected and depend on the maximum line current.
Several current values are available: 16A, 35A, 63A and 100 A.

      • Coordination inductors for Surge Protectors
      • For use with the DS series

Characteristics serial 35A, 63A, 100A and 2 x 16A

 CITEL P/number  DSH 100  DSH 63  DSH 35  DSH 2x16
 Type  inductor  inductor  double  inductor
 Connexion mode  1 DSH in series on each activen wire   1 DSH in series on each activen wire   1 DSH in series on each activen wire  1 DSH in series on 2 active wires
 Max. operating voltage Uc  500 Vac  500 Vac  500 Vac  500 Vac
 Max. line current IL  100 A  63 A  35 A  2 x 16 A
 Line inductance  15μH  15μH  15μH  2 x 15μH
 Dimensions     see diagram
 Connection     - by screw terminals : 6-35 mm² (DSH2x16 and DSH35),
4-50 mm² (DSH63 and DSH100)
    - by bus (DSH2x16 et DSH35)
 Mounting     symmetrical rail 35 mm
 Operating temperature     -40/+85 °C
 Protection class     IP20
 Housing material Thermoplastic UL94-V0 and UL94-5VA (DSH35-DSH2x16)
Coordination Inductors-RFI filtering
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