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Protecting data-processing networks: For industrials sites or secondary buildings integrating a linked computer network, any single issue at one of these systems will create consequences, more or less,to the safety and productivity of the entire system. It is now more and more crucial to reinforce the level of reliability for these systems: this can be achieved by using a proper surge protection strategy for these sensitive networks . . .

PL24-CAT6 Protector for 12/24 port Switch 10Gb

Model: PL24-CAT6 - Origin: CITEL / France
Ethernet network surge protectors are designed for computer networks with very fast data transfer speeds up to 10 Gbit/s for the Category 6 networks. In order to cover the many various types of networking applications, CITEL offers a complete range of surge protectors adapted to the most important networks.. Detail

CR/WMJ8-POE-C6A Outdoor PoE Surege Protector

Model: CxMJ8-POE-C6 Series - Origin: CITEL / France
The CxMJ8-POE-C6A are designed to protect outdoor equipment connected to PoE++ networks, up to Category 6 A.. Detail

MJ8-CAT6S 10Gb Ethrnet Protector

Model: MJ8-CAT6S - Origin: CITEL / France
MJ8-CAT6S RJ45 surge protector for CAT6 network 10Gigabit Ethernet : Nominal discharge currents 2kA, DIN Rail, Screw Lug, and Flange Mounting, Hybrid GDT and Diode Technology. Detail

MJ8-POE-C6A: PoE Surge Protector

Model: MJ8-POE-C6A - Origin: CITEL / France
The MJ8-POE-C6A are designed to protect indoor equipment connected to PoE++ networks, up to Category 6 A. Nominal discharge current (In 2000A), Impulse current (Iimp 500 A), Protection level Up 70 V. Mounted on frame or DIN rail, RJ45 connectors. MJ8-POE-C6A are designed to protect indoor. Detail

Các game casino-Casino có bịp khôngCRMJ8-POE-C6 Outdoor 10 gigabit POE surge protector

Model: CRMJ8-POE-C6 - Origin: CITEL / US
CRMJ8-POE-C6 Outdoor 10 gigabit POE surge protector: POE compatible, metalic (CRMJ8), IP66, Shielded RJ45 connectors, 2 kA discharge capability, IEC 61643-21, EN 61643-21 and UL497B compliance. Detail

ATLAN 24-PoE 24 protector in rack for 24 POE network lines

Model: ATLAN 24-PoE - Origin: AT3W / Spain
ATLAN 24-PoE is a protector with RJ45 input and output connectors, with a withstanding current up to 2kA for line. Nominal discharge current for line C2 4kV(1,2/50μs) / 2kA(8/20μs): 2kA. Protection level: Up 100V. Maximum speed transfer: 1000Mbit/s. Response time: <10ns.. Detail

MJ8-CAT5E Data Surge Protector

Model: MJ8-CAT5E - Origin: CITEL / France
MJ8-CAT5E Data Surge Protector : Nominal discharge currents 2kA, DIN Rail, Screw Lug, and Flange Mounting, Hybrid GDT and Diode Technology, 10/100/1000 Mbsp and Gigabit Compatible, Bi-Directional Protection, Shielded Connector Configurations. Detail
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