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Dat Tester for ESE Lightning Air Terminals

Model: DAT Tester - Origin: AT3W / Spain
DAT Tester is an electronic system based on a microcontroller, able to verify the working of all Aplicaciones Tecnológicas, S.A. Lightning Air Terminals. DAT Tester indicates their proper working and diagnoses their failure if it occurs. DAT Tester performs the test applying a voltage over 5000 volts to the air terminal. Therefore, it is very important not to manipulate the device while the security key is in H.V.ON position.. Detail

SPT-203 Smart SPD Tester

Model: SPT-203 - Origin: CITEL / France
SPT-203 Smart SPD Tester: Testing the MOV, GDT and TVS components or AC or data surge protective devices (SPD), 7-inch TFT display with touch-screen. Detail

SPT1003 Surge Protector Tester

Model: SPT1003 - Origin: CITEL / France
SPT1003 tester: This unit is designed to control all kinds of surge protective components (GDT, MOV, clamping diodes) or AC or data surge protective devices (SPD). It can test 2-pole (MOV, Diode, GDT), 3-pole (GDT) or 2-port (2 wires in, 2 wires out, earthing point = SPD). Extra feature of line continuity control (2-port SPD). Digital display.. Detail

ATLOGGER Lightning Strike Counter & Recorder

Model: AT-004G - Origin: AT3W / Spain
The ATLOGGER (AT-004G) is a recorder of electrical activity in the down-conductor of the lightning rod that allows, in addition to a count of the number of impacts, record the amplitude and polarity of the lightning, and the date and time when the impact occurred. Detection Range  2kA(8/20) to 100kA(10/350), Accuracy 1kA, Response time 1 second. Detail

LSCM-D Lightning and Surge Current Counter & SPD monitoring device

Model: LSCM-D Series - Origin: CITEL / France
The smart monitoring and measuring device LSCM-D is designed for measuring the surge currentwhich will flow in the Surgeprotection branch and for indicating the the status of the SPD and and its associated disconnectors .. Detail

LSC-6D Lightning Strike Counter

Model: LSC-6D - Origin: Alltec / US
The LSC-6D requires a 0.5 μH inductance shunt (approximately 8.0 ft conductor length) to count nature’s smallest lightning strike (3 kA). This inductance can be in the form of a wire length, tower, or pipe segment. To calculate, use the following approximations:. Detail

AT-034G Lightning Event Counter

Model: AT-034G - Origin: AT3W / Spain
The AT-034G lightning event counter is a device to be installed on the down-conductor, usually above the guard tube. It automatically counts the strikes received by the lightning protection system. It is very sturdy and totally autonomous, however it is advisable to check it periodically in order to see if there has been a strike and, therefore, whether or not the lightning protection system needs any special maintenance.. Detail
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