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Model: MJ8-POE

Origin: CITEL / France

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CITEL Surge protector for video transmission can be adapted to the different confi gurations. These are generally equipped with the network connection (RJ45) and available either in an individual box for the protection of an isolated terminal.

The MJ8-POE are designed to protect indoor equipment connected to PoE networks (A or B configuration).

  • POE compatible
  • Shielded enclosure and connectors
  • UL497A

Video over PoE: a PoE compatible surge protector (MJ8-POE) must be installed on the terminal equipment. In the case of outdoor installation, the CMJ8-POE version is necessary.

Characteristics MJ8-POE-A and MJ8-POE-B

Description RJ45 surge protector for POE-A RJ45 surge protector for POE-B
Network POE and Gigabit Ethernet, High POE POE and Gigabit Ethernet, High POE
Nominal line voltage (Un ) 48 Vdc 5 Vdc/48 Vdc
Max. DC operating voltage (Uc) 60 Vdc 7.5 Vdc (,
60 Vdc (
Max. Load current (IL) 2000 mA 2000 mA
Max. data rate 1000 Mbps 1000 Mbps
Max. frequency (f max) > 100 MHz > 100 MHz
Insertion loss < 0.1 dB < 0.1 dB
Protection level (Up)
Following the test category C3 (IEC61643-21) - Line/Line
70 V 20/70 V
Impulse current (limp)
2 x 10/350μs Test - D1 Category 
500 A 500 A
Line/Line Nominal discharge current (In L/L)
8/20μs Test x 10 - C2 Category
500 A 500 A
Line/Ground Nominal discharge current  (In L/PE)
8/20μs Test x 10 - C2 Category
2000 A 2000 A
Mechnical characteristics
Technology  Diode
SPD configuration (1-2)(3-6)(4-5)(7-8)
Connection to Network RJ45 shielded connector female input/output
Format Metallic box with connectors input/output
Mounting Mounting flange,Screw lug, DIN Rail
Housing material Aluminium
Operating temperature -40/+85°C
Protection rating IP20
Failsafe behavior Short-circuit - transmision cut-off
Pin outs (1-2)(3-6)(4-5)(7-8)
Dimensions see diagram
Standards compliance  IEC 61643-21 / EN 61643-21 / UL497A (surge)
IEEE 802-3ab/3at (transmission)
Part number 581519
LAN Network Surge Protectors
Surge Protection for BTS


Surge Protection - Industrial sites


SPD Installation and Rules


Choosing Surge Protectors


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