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Telecommunication and data transmission devices (PBX, modems, data terminals etc..) are becoming increasingly vulnerable to lightning induced voltage surges. These devices are becoming more complex, sensitive and share a common grounding connection with other networks. This situation increases the risk for these sensitive devices to be stressed by destructive surge voltages, induced by lightning or by electrical switching operations.

MJ8-170V Surge protector for ADSL/SHDSL RJ45

Model: MJ8-170V - Origin: CITEL / France

DLA-170 DIN rail plug-in Surge Protector for telecom

Model: DLA-170 - Origin: CITEL / France
DLA, DLU and DLR surge protectors are designed to protect, against surge voltages due to lightning, terminals equipment connected to industrial buses, telecom lines or datalines. These surge protectors must be installed on symmetrical DIN rail and are available for most of the transmission lines : line voltage from 6 to 170 V, bitrate up to 10 Mbit/s. . Detail

MJ6-1T Surge protector for RTC, ADSL, SDSL RJ11

Model: MJ6-1T - Origin: CITEL / France

MTJ-02G/RJ11 Tel Surge Protector

Model: MTJ-02G/RJ11 - Origin: CITEL / US
MTJ-02G/RJ11 to protect for Tel /Fax /ADSL, peak pulse 10/1000 us s.c. waveform @Vcl 75A, standard clamp voltage 240V, Type connection RJ11. All of these devices exhibit an extremely fast response time of less than 5 nanoseconds     . Detail

B480-T Surge Protector for Telephone Line

Model: B480 T - Origin: CITEL / France
B480-T_4-pair surge protection units for Tel/Fax /xDSL. Protection level (Up) 8/20μs impulse - 5 kA: 220V, Nominal discharge current (In) 8/20μs impulse - 10 times: 5kA, maximum discharge current (In) 8/20μs impulse - 1 times: 20kA, Lightning current (Iimp) 10/350μs impulse - 2 times: 5kA. Removable protection circuit, Wall mounting and screw connection. Detail

CITEL LSA10GT 10 Pair Surge Protector

Model: LSA10GT-230 - Origin: CITEL / France
LSA10 10-pair modules are designed for multi-line protection of MDFs using the LSA+ connection system. Residual voltage 8/20μs impulse, 5kA: . Detail

DP80TW 5 pin plug-in surge protector

Model: DP80TW - Origin: CITEL / France
The DP80 series is designed to protect large telephone equipment (PABXs, central offices) against lightning surges. Application:  Analog line/ADSL, Nominal line voltage (Un) : 150 V, (Uc) 170 V, Max. line current (IL) 100 mA, Max. frecuency : > 3 MHz, Protection level (Up) < 700 V, Max. discharge current (Imax) 10 kA (8/20μs). Detail
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