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Thermometric Equipment for Industry

Thermocouple Sensors (2)

Temperature sensors
For each application, a complete offer of specialised sensor: chemicals, glass, metallurgy, plastics, angri-food, pharmacy, etc. Standardized and customized sensors spanning the temperature range from -268°C to +1700°C.
Standard sensors:
- Thermometry components.
- Flanged thermowells
- Sheathed thermocouple sensors
- PT 100 sensors.
- Beaded thermocouple sensors

Temperature controller & Transmitters (2)

For conditioning all temperature and process signals, a range of converters and transmitters, 1 or 2 channels, analogue or digital output

- Temperature sensors: thermocouple and platinum resistance thermometers
- Process input: 4...20 mA and 0...10V
- Linear resistance input

ENERDIS Panel Meters (1)

ENERDIS Measurement and Instrumentation : Digital panel meters and synchro coupler, Analogue panel meters.

PYRO-CONTROLE provides thermometric equipment and solutions to demanding process industries, such as chemical, petrochemical, glass, ceramics, metallurgy and nuclear, all of which clearly reflects our level of expertise and quality, as borne out by our ISO 9001 certification and Cofrac-accredited Metrology laboratory.
  • Temperature sensors: industrial thermocouples, pyrometric assemblies, special-purpose sensors, PT 100 Thermo-metric resistances, etc
  • Signal processing and STATOP temperature controllers, Temperature controllers: analogue or digital, various formats, fixed or universal inputs.
  • Power control : 25A to 1900A Thyristor power blocks, single-or three-phase, for resistive and inductive loads, control functions, monitoring, etc. Training and commissioning power control processes
  • Read out : "Plug & play" paperless recorders meeting the traceability requirements of the most demanding industries.
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